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Military Service

Klein Steel is a member of the Veteran's Business Council, an organization that provides opportunities and resources for veteran business leaders. We also support and recruit through the Veteran's Outreach Center of Rochester, a non-profit that provides resources to current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families through direct service, community collaboration, and advocacy.  Our support includes serving on the Board of Directors and providing pro bono HR and strategic planning services. We have posted to veteran targeted websites and publications, including the Veteran Affairs publication.

Our company's training program is designed by past military team members. The program was replicated from a military program for "Job Qualification Requirements".  The operations training program applies this approach to all machines in our organization. This approach provides continuity for our veterans and allows the company to accelerate and improve a veteran's onboarding. We also employ the 5-Step Risk Assessment Process in assessing and mitigating workplace risks. This process was also adopted from the military. Finally, we offer extensive training for our leadership. The program, which is entitled, the "Certified Leadership Program", trains and certifies our leaders in the following skill areas:  Leadership, Managing Performance, Coaching and Counseling, Advanced Personal Communication, Customer Service, and Correcting Performance Problems.  All of the courses are taught by members of our leadership team, many of whom are veterans who provide both military and on the job examples. We highlight both of these training initiatives in our recruitment process, as we support the idea that you hire character and train for skills.  

With 10% of our new team members last year being veterans, we strongly value the skills and experience of our military professionals.

Of the 35 veterans we have on our team, 32% are in leadership positions. We were recognized as the 2015 Corporate Champion by the Penfield NY Rotary Club for our commitment to our veterans.  We have also been recognized as the Veteran Friendly Employer of the Year by numerous Veteran organizations.

The biggest military growth area for Klein Steel is our Operational Leadership and manufacturing positions throughout our organization. We always target individuals with military-experience whenever we recruit, either for sales, finance, operations, or other departments in our organization. Military-experienced individuals are highly valued throughout all areas of our organization.