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Sales Engineering

There are many reasons why Klein Steel has dedicated sales engineer support but this is the most important: to help our customers succeed. Our sales engineers have in-depth knowledge on materials, properties, processes, equipment tolerances, technical specifications and more. They work with our customers to understand their applications, and end-use requirements, and help them make the right decisions.

A simple question like, "Can you laser these parts?" can be answered in many ways. One of the best answers is, "Yes, we can, but we have a better solution that will give you a higher quality product at a lower cost." This is the role your sales engineer plays to point you in the right direction.

Klein Steel sales engineer support is invaluable at many stages of the sales and/or production cycle including:

  • Understanding and translating complex customer needs to provide the ideal solution.
  • Assisting customers with technical requirements and planning during the early stages of a new project or product.
  • Recommending the best in-house processes to handle a customer requirement.
  • Working with the customer to identify opportunities for improvement and cost avoidance.
  • Helping customers solve problems when facing unique product or technical challenges.

Centralized planning allows our drafting department to match customer requirements for tolerance, features and speed with the most appropriate processing center and machine. The Klein Steel in-house drafting department saves time on the shop floor and enables us to get production right, the first time, for our customers. The more detailed the print, the greater accuracy we can give to the customer.

Our professionally trained and highly experienced drafting department provides quality solutions for any customer request. We combine expertise with the latest Auto cad and Master CAM software available to save time, lower costs and improve quality. Our drafting team members have over 40 years of combined experience at Klein Steel. All have backgrounds in AutoCAD and Pronest and experience operating our machines. From water jets to lasers, burn tables to sheet metal fabrication, they know the intricacies of the equipment.