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Q.  Do you have everything in stock that is in your reference guide and website search tab?
A.  No, the products listed in both showcase commonly produced sizes available in the market place. We only carry and procure the commonly used items, which can be found on our Line Card.

Q.  Do you have tubes that fit inside other tubes?
A.  Both tube and pipe can effectively telescope inside one another, depending on the size you are ordering and have taken into account the weld seam and how tightly the material needs to fit. Due to the weld seam, there is no guarantee a "good" fit as they tend to be inconsistent.

Q.  What is CKS Tolerance?
A.  CKS is Certified Klein Steel; it is a tolerance range that Klein guarantees to hit every time and varies from processing center to processing center

Q.  Can I return material that I ordered?
A.  Our Return Policy accommodates for both errors on our part or if you ordered incorrect material. However, all requests for return of material must be initiated within 15 business days of delivery of material.

Q.  What processing capabilities are available in house?
A.  Our state-of-the-art processing center offers the most expansive processing services in the Northeast with the most advanced equipment anywhere. You can see a complete description of our services and equipment in the Processing section of this website.

Q.  How much weight, or what is the load my product can hold?
A.  Please consult your architect or engineer.

Q.  Do I need to have my own unloading equipment?
A.Yes, our trucks are not equipped with unloading equipment.

Q.  Where do you deliver?
A.  We deliver to NY and parts of PA, OH, MA, VTwith our own fleet of trucks; orders outside of those areas can be shipped common carrier or will-called in our Buffalo, Rochester or Syracuse locations.

Q.  How soon can I get my order, can I be the first stop?
A.  We do everything we can to do next day delivery on inventoried items and will accommodate those deliveries within your company's receiving hours. It is not possible for all customers to be the first delivery of the day and while we will make an effort as needed, it is never guaranteed.

Q.  Do you manufacture steel?
A.  No, we provide metals distribution, processing services and custom component manufacturing. That means we buy the steel from the mills who actually make the steel. We fit in the supply chain with customers who are fabricators, welders, equipment manufacturers as well as maintenance and repair type companies. We stock over 3,500 different products that we buy from the mills in large quantity. So our customers don't have to focus on buying steel from a mill. They don't have to inventory it. It can be delivered to them just in time for their manufacturing process and fit right into their flow so they can be most efficient.