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Component Mfg & Kitting

The production of an engineered part (or series of parts) for a customer (e.g., complex, engineered, precision parts that meet exacting specifications). It's the difference between simply cutting material on a machine to meet customer specifications vs. producing more complex, engineered, precision parts that meet exacting specifications.



The bringing together of different multiple parts that come from multiple processes within the manufacturing warehouse. Kitting is similar to a Bill of Material with a list of random parts. We can provide all different pieces in the quantities you requested in one bucket/skid.

At Klein Steel, when we group separate but related items and then package them as a single unit, we call this kitting. For our customers, kitting may be a large group of complementary metal pieces that are cut to size, staged and then banded on a skid and shipped to a particular work cell for fabrication. Kitting may also be a cluster of ready-to-assemble precision components, along with ancillary items such as forgings and hardware, that are boxed and shipped directly to a work site for immediate assembly.
Depending on your needs, our kits may simply contain materials processed at Klein Steel or they may require a more complex approach to supply chain and vendor management. Sandblasted, formed, welded, heat treated, painted, you name it, we can manage it so you don't have to.

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